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STEAM Supplies Library

What is the STEAM Library?

The STEAM Supply Library was created for community members to have access to free STEAM materials and to inspire exploration into STEAM topics. All of the supplies have been donated by local individuals through the Palouse STEAM Coalition’s annual STEM Supply Drive. All materials are housed at the Colfax branch of the Whitman County Library.

For a list of items available in the STEAM Library click here

How do I request materials?

Any individuals interested in furthering their knowledge in STEAM or just looking to complete a fun project can request materials through the STEAM Supply Library at absolutely not cost to themselves simply by emailing Nichole at or calling her at 1-877-733-3375. Once request is filled individual will pick up at the Colfax library.

Looking for fun STEAM Lessons?

Visit Palouse STEAM Coalition Website:

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