Uniontown Library Project

graphic of proposed Uniontown Library and Uniontown City Hall facade
Proposed Uniontown Library and City Hall facade

The Town of Uniontown will convert their unused fire station into a new library, tripling its current size. Friends of the Uniontown Library are helping the town raise funds for this larger library which is vital to the community’s educational needs and social wellbeing. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Currently, residents across Whitman County enjoy access to educational classes, community programs, computer classes and services that cannot be offered in Uniontown due to the current size constraints.

While the library has done its best to serve the educational and human services needs of Uniontown residents, the tiny library facility has severely hampered their efforts. The current space cannot accommodate more than a few people at a time which doesn't work well with today's hands-on type of instruction, computer labs and/or large class size that have become the norm elsewhere.

To illustrate just how underserved Uniontown has been, it should be noted that of the 6680 adults attending Whitman County Library classes last year, only 16 of those attended in Uniontown. This low number was not for lack of interest but for lack of offerings. Only 6 adult programs were offered last year due to the tiny size of the facility.

Once renovated, a variety of educational classes for all ages will be added or expanded in the Uniontown Library. For adults, we'll offer everything from computer instruction, job search and assistance with the Affordable Care Act to arts and crafts, health and wellness and how-to classes. Children's programming will also be expanded. As in other Whitman County locations, a renovated library will support book clubs, programs for babies through senior adults, a computer lab and a wide variety of community classes and resources.

The larger space is extremely vital in serving area children where crowds are commonplace. Besides our normal preschool and after school classes, Uniontown Library looks forward to providing special guest programs like Palouse Science Center, Mobius Science Center, Ruff Dog Review, WSU Raptor Club and others that are difficult or impossible due to size constraints. Last year, Whitman County Library's children's programs had 21,750 attendees. Of this number, 702 came from Uniontown. After renovation, we expect participation at the Uniontown Library to grow substantially.

The other key feature of this renovation project is the addition of an accessible public restroom. Currently, the closest access for someone in a wheelchair is one block down the street at Holzer Park. USDA recently audited the Town Hall/Library facility and mandated that an accessible restroom be constructed for community use. Being able to re-purpose the fire hall works well for upgrading the library and restroom.

For more information, contact Leslee Miller, local coordinator at 509-229-3655 or Kristie Kirkpatrick, Director of Whitman County Library at 509-397-4366.