Helping today’s youth integrate virtual and real

Join Roadside Philosopher Pamala Clift on Wednesday, June 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the Colfax Library for an interactive presentation titled, Virtual Isn’t Going Away! Using insights gathered from her recently released book "The Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships,” Clift explains how we can assist young people in integrating the virtual world of social media with the pressures of today’s world.

Clift selected the word Virgin for the book’s title because she believes most people are new to the realities of virtual existence. We see today’s generation losing themselves within the online environment, with gaming, social media, and virtual world connections dominating their self-validation. Virtual is all too real for today’s young people and those who engage online. If we continue to deny it has validity, they will deny us. How do we understand this component? How can we know enough to actually lead them into a functional integration of both realities?

The book "Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" gives an overview of perceptions, philosophy and a way to help balance and talk about the interactions online. The estimate is over 70% of newly formed intimate relationships will have an online component. How confusing is this new reality?

Pamala Clift is the online pen name for this local author and presenter who founded The Roadside Philosophers, an online group of international thinkers who use the virtual world as a metaphor in the search for truth. With a BS Degree in Business management and a certified Scrum Product Owner for project management, Clift has worked with computer-mediated communication for over 25 years. She has worked with businesses and universities all over the world in assisting the perceptual qualities of online communication. Virtual Handhold, LLC is the leading Human/Computer Interface Psychology consulting firm for Education, Business, Government and interpersonal and can be found at

Books will be available for purchase at this presentation. For more information about this presentation, contact Pamala Clift at 509-553-9882. A complete list of events scheduled for the Colfax Branch of Whitman County Library is located at the library's events calendar.

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