Malden Library adds hours

The Malden Library is pleased to provide new hours each Friday from 2-6 p.m. beginning February 7. The Friday hours will be in addition to the current Wednesday schedule of 1-6 p.m. This expansion of hours was developed as a 6 month trial period between the Town of Malden and Whitman County Library. The town will compensate the library district for the local labor costs and is hopeful it can sustain the expense after the trial period expires.

The Town of Malden and Whitman County Library have been searching for ways to increase the open hours of the Malden branch since USDA grant funding ended one year ago. According to Mayor Maxwell, “Our library is the heart of our community and a safe gathering place for everyone. It was a great loss to all of us when the end of the grant reduced the library’s open hours from 50 to 5 open hours per week. We understand WCL’s policy that uses the tax base of a town to set hours, but wanted to find a way to increase library service for our community.”

Whitman County Library’s rural branches are open between 5 to 17 hours per week, with the system being open a total of 188 hours per week. Because of Whitman County Library’s commitment to providing local service in our small communities, it is open more than twice as much as other libraries of similar size within the state of Washington.

For the latest information on the Malden Library, follow them on Facebook or contact Whitman County Library at 877-733-3375.