New books for week of April 26, 2014


Book cover of "Video Bread Basics: My First Loaf" by“Video Bread Basics: My First Loaf”

This video will teach you how to make a basic loaf of bread from scratch. You will learn how to proof the yeast, how to knead the dough and for how long, how to shape the dough and how long to bake it.


Book cover of "Video Muffins:  Make Fresh Muffins at Home" by"Video Muffins: Make Fresh Muffins at Home"

Video Muffins is a cooking class you take in your own home at your own pace. It’s broken down into five stand-alone segments that are perfect for the beginning baker.


Book cover of "Video Pizza 2000:  Be a Pizza Pro"  by"Video Pizza 2000: Be a Pizza Pro"

Stop paying expense take out prices and learn how to make delicious pizza at home. Includes instructions on freezing pizza dough and making your own garlic bread.


Downloadable ebooks and Audiobooks

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