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 Whitman County Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Colfax Branch
September 18, 2009
4:00 p.m.


Present: Leslee Miller, John Aune, Jon Kehne, Kristie Kirkpatrick and Peggy Bryan.

John Aune, board vice-chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. John asked for additions or modifications to the agenda. There were none. Monthly Business: The minutes of the August meeting were reviewed. Leslee Miller made a motion to accept minutes, Jon Kehne seconded and the motion passed.

Peggy reviewed the Financial Reports; Budget, Account Balances and September vouchers #10064-10113 totaling $23,541.04. Board members signed to authorize payment. She also presented vouchers #1002-1003 for payment from the Construction Fund. Board members signed to authorize payment.

Kristie reviewed circulation reports for August. Library circulation was up 1 percent systemwide, with increases in Albion, Colton, Garfield, Malden, Rosalia and Colfax. Website visits were up by 2000 and online catalog transactions increased by 800. Kristie reviewed summer reading stats. She noted that adult summer reading more than doubled from the previous year. Endicott, Rosalia, St. John and Colfax had very strong numbers for the program. Branches with higher summer reading participation were Albion, Colton, Garfield and LaCrosse. The remaining locations saw a drop in SR attendance. There were 69 teens finishing summer reading with 476 reviews, an average of 7 reviews per teen.


Kristie shared a letter from Larry Kom with an update on the renovation project. Documents were sent to the State Architect last week for review and Larry plans to have a response and re-submittal for final approval submitted this week. It now looks as if construction will not begin before November. A review of items in the bid package and alternates list were also discussed.

Kristie announced that the Friends of WCL will mail their election information on October 13. Sabrina Jones is designing the informative postcards. Kristie has scheduled election informational meetings with several city councils in the county. She plans to incorporate information on the broadband grant and potential impact to each community.


Peggy presented the 2010 budgets for the General Fund, Capital Reserve, Construction Fund and Debt Service Fund. A brief discussion followed. Leslee Miller made a motion to accept Resolution #16-09, #17-09, #18-09 and #19-09. Jon Kehne seconded and the motion passed.

Kristie shared photos of the fair booth and thanked John and Jane Aune along with staff who worked at the fair booth. The spinning wheel was exciting for the youth and the Rural Heritage photos sparked a lot of interest from adults. Much of the booth was funded through an LSTA grant.

Kristie gave an update on Malden. Shannon Roe was recently hired as the Malden Branch Manager. The new hours are Tuesday evenings. Air Pipe is awaiting USDA funding to construct a building in Malden that will house a computer lab, as well as the Library. Malden will decide whether to annex to the library district on the November ballot. If that should fail, library service will end December 31.

Kristie announced that the Neill Public Library director recently resigned.

Kristie announced that Mish Stanley was recently hired as the LaCrosse Branch Manager.

Kristie announced that the Library Supporter of the Month will be Sally Elder, from Garfield. A long time library supporter, Sally is editor of the North Palouse Journal.

Kristie announced that WCL applied for a $495,000 in broadband and computer upgrades included in a huge statewide grant filed by NeoNet in the first round of ARRA broadband grants. We will also apply in round two with Gates Opportunity Online funding, asking for even more upgrades. So many grants were submitted in round 1, we may have a better shot in round 2. Erica Willson has applied for an LSTA grant called Occupational Resource Connections that would assist people with resumes and skill building throughout the county. Decisions on this grant will happen next week. Clancy is applying for Humanities Washington program grants that will bring performers to a number of branches or partner locations this spring. The Census Bureau will fund a Jumping Castle, balloons and t-shirts at the Hullabaloo, which is scheduled on Saturday, October 3.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:00. The next board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 13th at in Garfield.

Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

Kristie Kirkpatrick, Library Director

Teresa Myott, Board Chair

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick
Whitman County Library
102 S Main Street
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