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Board of Trustees Meeting

Palouse Branch
October 16, 2007
4:30 p.m.

Present: Becky Dickerson, Leslee Miller, Jon Kehne, John Aune, Teresa Myott, Holly White, Judy Willcox, James Morasch, Jo Johnson, Peggy Bryan, and Kristie Kirkpatrick.

Jon Kehne, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30.

Kristie announced that the library supporter of the month is Judy Willcox. Kristie presented her award with Board members expressing their appreciation for Willcox's long history and commitment to quality library service. She served as the Palouse Branch manager and the Youth Services Manager for the entire library district. Since retiring in 2004, Willcox volunteers for the Palouse Library as a member of the Xenodican club, working at booksales, painting the library, frying funnel cakes, and more.

Kristie introduced Holly White, Palouse Branch Manager and gave a report on the Palouse Branch. She praised the Xenodican Club for their valuable contributions and commitment to the library. James Morasch reported on the completion of the Wireless Grant through Washington State Library. The $10,000 LSTA grant funded equipment for wireless access to branches. The project was a success, as James was able to purchase slightly used equipment at a reduced cost, giving access to all twelve branches. The wireless access is stable and running in all locations. Kristie praised James & Don for their efforts in project. Judy Willcox, Jo Johnson & James Morasch left the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. John Aune made to accept the minutes, Becky Dickerson seconded and the motion carried. Peggy reviewed the Financial Reports; Budget Report through September 30, 2007, October Vouchers and Account Balances Reports. She reviewed October vouchers #8817-8875 totaling $16,648.20. Board members signed to authorize payment. Kristie reviewed circulation reports for August & September, noting that overall circulation was down slightly from last year. She noted while library usage is changing, with more program & website usage, we continue to serve our customers and meet their needs.


Kristie discussed progress on the headquarters building upgrades. She met with Representative Dave Buri to discuss getting the project on the State Capital Budget. She reported he resigned the following week, accepting a lobbyist position at EWU. She is corresponding with his aides and will continue to pursue this. She is also corresponding with Shan Kelley (Aide to State Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers) regarding Federal Capital Budget. John Aune, Peggy and Kristie also met with the Commissioners to report on the need of this project. She met with Colfax Mayor Norma Becker, Colfax Rotary and has written a letter to the editor of the Whitman County Gazette.


Peggy presented the Friends of WCL membership list, with six new members.

Kristie announced that Elizabeth Gordon will be the supporter of the month for November. John Aune will plan to go to LaCrosse with Kristie and Peggy in November to present the award to her family, Jon and Arlene Gordon.

Kristie announced that two fall training sessions for Branch Managers will be held at Albion and Rosalia. Becky Dickerson will be assisting with the press release portion of the workshop.

Kristie discussed the fall newsletter. Everyone agreed that they liked the county-wide feel of the newsletter. She noted the quality of the pictures was not as good, but the problem was identified and will be resolved for the next issue. She and Peggy will discuss other possible options for the newsletter with Sabrina.

Gregg Olsen, author of the "Deep Dark," has scheduled appearances in November at Colfax High School, Palouse High School, the Kenworthy Theatre and Neill Public Library. Library events scheduled in December are Sidney Stevens, Tree of Lights, Santa photos and the Blood Drive.

The Winter Staff Luncheon will be December 12th at 1:00, with a board meeting to follow at approximately 2:15.

The meeting adjourned at 5:36.

Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

 Kristie Kirkpatrick, Library Director

Jon Kehne, Board Chair

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick
Whitman County Library
102 S Main Street
Colfax, Washington 99111

509 397-4366 or toll-free 1-877-733-3375