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Board Minutes > July 2007

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Board of Trustees Meeting

Uniontown Branch
July 17, 2007
5:30 p.m.

Present: Becky Dickerson, Leslee Miller, Jon Kehne, Teresa Myott, John Aune, Sarah Nagle, Jane Aune, Peggy Bryan, and Kristie Kirkpatrick.

Jon Kehne, board chair, called the meeting to order at 5:45. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. Becky said that portion of the minutes regarding Integrus should be stated more clearly. After a discussion, the minutes were modified slightly to reiterate that, "the board asked Kristie to proceed with her work with Integrus and the first two options." A motion was made to accept the minutes, it was seconded and the motion carried.

Peggy reviewed the Financial Reports; Budget Report through June 30, 2007, July Vouchers and Account Balances Reports. She reviewed June vouchers #8669-8714 totaling $16,082.38. Kristie reviewed circulation reports for June, noting that overall circulation was down a little. She noted that there was an increase in reference questions and strong circulation in Albion, St. John and Tekoa. Website visits increased by 4000 and database usage increased by 3200. Attendance at children's programs fell, especially in Colfax.


Kristie reported that discussions are continuing with Integrus Architecture on the building upgrades in Colfax and a meeting is planned within the next few weeks.

Kristie spoke with Attorney Gary Libey regarding the risk with our stairs. Indications are that WCL stairs pose a reasonable, yet unavoidable risk - the same as any public building with a staircase.

James will work with Horizon to modify our online catalog to begin tracking the circulation of materials made in Colfax by people who live outside the Colfax City limits. This will help us better understand how many customers from outside of Colfax are using the main branch.

As requested, Peggy shared information about the cost and impact of a bond to the library district. At $.18 per thousand of assessed value, it would coast approximately $18 per year to a property owner with $100,000 of assessed value over the life of a 15-year bond. Kristie added that the Colfax building was originally built with countywide taxes through a bond issue and is the main asset of the library district. A discussion followed.


Peggy presented the Friends of WCL membership list, with seven new members.

Kristie introduced Sarah Nagle, Colton and Uniontown Branch Manager. She reported on each branch, noting circulation, storytime and costs of each branch. She commended Sarah for her efforts and praised her outreach to schools and day cares.

The Board named Lori Pierce of St. John as library supporter of the month. She was praised for her support of the St. John library and her community. Becky will join Kristie on Friday to present Lori with her certificate of appreciation.

The next board meeting will be September 17th in the Colfax Library. The 2008 budget will be presented at this meeting. If needed, another meeting will be scheduled in September to approve the budget. The October meeting is scheduled for the 16th at the Palouse Branch.

The meeting adjourned at 6:30. The board then toured Leslee Miller's Premier Alpaca Ranch and had dinner at Eleanor's.

_______________________________________________________ Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

_______________________________________________________ Kristie Kirkpatrick, Library Director

_______________________________________________________ Jon Kehne, Board Chair

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick
Whitman County Library
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