Strategic Plan

Whitman County Rural Library District Strategic Plan – 2010 - 2015

Our mission

The mission of Whitman County Rural Library District is to be our community’s #1 resource for information, recreation and discovery. Whitman County Rural Library District is committed to providing the highest level of public library service in the most efficient and cost effective manner to all residents in our service area in the safest and most healthy environment possible. It is our aim to stimulate the connections between people and ideas, to encourage literacy, and to enhance opportunities for self-education and recreation. 

Our commitment to quality service

The staff of Whitman County Library is committed to meeting the needs of our customers while exceeding their service expectations. We strive to see that each customer experience is a positive one!

Whitman County Library staff members are dedicated to providing quality public service that is reliable, confidential, competent, accessible, respectful, nonjudgmental, courteous, credible, understanding, convenient and responsive.

Whitman County Library values all staff, volunteers, friends and members of the Board of Trustees as important to the contributions to service. We encourage them to enjoy life, learn and grow.

Values to which we adhere and believe

  • Intellectual freedom
  • Equal access for all
  • Respect for diversity
  • Personal and organizational accountability
  • Individual pursuit of learning as an informed citizenry is the foundation of a democratic society
  • Basic literacy and information literacy as critical life skills in our ever-changing world
  • Reading as a means to education, enlightenment and enjoyment
  • The library as social commons
  • Providing services, technology, and library materials based on the needs and desires of the community
  • Cooperation among libraries and strong relations with local agencies and organization

Service Roles

-Heart of the community

Our fourteen branch libraries are the information and social commons for our rural communities. With a long tradition of “down-home” service, we provide the best library experience possible by creating bonds that help forge healthy, vibrant, informed and economically viable communities.

-Popular materials focus

Whitman County Library features current titles that meet the entertainment and recreational needs of our customers. These are materials that are timely, in high-demand, and come in a variety of formats for persons of all ages. The library does provide resources and services for research and education but the public has expressed a desire that our main focus be popular materials and topics.

-Center for lifelong learning

Whitman County Library encourages and supports our customers’ ability to learn and grow throughout their lifetimes. We provide access to materials, programs and other resources that will serve the educational needs of citizens of all ages.

Because learning begins at an early age, Whitman County Library aims to inspire children, parents, caregivers and educators. We provide a variety of programs, materials, technologies and services that foster curiosity and self-education as a way of life. We want our youngest customers to understand that reading, learning and visiting the library are fun.

-Access to information and community referral

Whitman County Library is our community’s top resource for timely, accurate, and useful information. We feature quality materials, public access to the Internet and helpful referrals to meet the informational needs of our customers.

Whitman County Library Goals

Together, the staff, administration and Board of Trustees will:

  • Offer the best in customer service
  • Make it easy for customers to use the library by offering walk-in, online and telephone assistance
  • Not only meet, but exceed, customer expectations
  • Aggressively promote collections, programs, technologies and services to increase usage and support for the library
  • Develop library collections of the highest standard
  • Attract new library patrons
  • Offer top quality programs and services
  • Strengthen ties and collaborative efforts with other agencies to increase our effectiveness, conserve finances and improve our customers’ access to information
  • Continually improve the catalog, website, databases and other library technologies
  • Develop and maintain a high quality training program for all staff and trustees
  • Improve the branch libraries in each of our communities, making them comfortable for our customers and accommodating of social interactions
  • Encourage every resident to join the Friends of Whitman County Library


Approved by the Whitman County Library Board of Trustees, November 16, 2010