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The Noise Guy splashes with sound at Eells Park
in Colfax, Thursday, July 22 at 1 p.m.

A shower of splashy stories and slobbery sounds for little squirts this Summer! Charlie Williams is the Noiseguy, a vocal sound impressionist who can imitate bubbles and flushes, splashes and slushes! See drippy stories come to life right from his own toy box, learn to make water drips and drops, and participate in some noisy nautical nonsense! This Internationally performing kids comedian will be at Eells Park in Colfax on July 22 at 1pm.

Don't miss this zany czar of sound! If it sounds like a duck and walks like
a duck; it must be a duck, right? Well, maybe not! Charlie Williams is
The Noiseguy, a vocal sound impressionist who can imitate the sound of
planes, trains and automobiles. Everyone is invited to this free show .

This talented performer is also a children's librarian, kids comedian,
author and illustrator. In one of his typical shows you might hear
dinosaurs, monster trucks and beatboxin. When Williams tells you his
fractured fairy tale of Jack chopping down the beanstalk, he does not use an
ax that's not noisy enough! If you close your eyes, you may be convinced
The Noiseguy is using a real chainsaw to bring down the beanstalk. This is
a show like none other you wont believe your ears! Parents - be prepared
for a lot of giggling!

The Noiseguy encourages kids to laugh at everyday annoyances because humor
is an important life skill. Parents will get in touch with their inner
(noisy) child. Everyone will learn some vocal impressions of his or her
very own. Williams believes the family that makes noise together is a
family that enjoys together.

Save the date on your summer calendar. The Noiseguy will be performing at
Eells Park on Thursday, July 22 at 1:00 p.m. This is a free show provided by
the Friends of Whitman County Library. 

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